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Palestra 12-2021

Defence of the debtor in preserving procedure – considerations on the amendment of the regulations of the Civil Procedure Code (in particular art. 741 § 3 Civil Procedure Code)



The aim of this article is to discuss issues related to ensuring the right to a fair trial to an obligated party in preserving procedure in connection with the primacy of the postulate of speed of proceedings, as well as the assessment of the amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure in this respect. In preserving procedure the emphasis is on the quick granting of security, which limits the right of the person obliged to be heard. However, in certain circumstances, due to the regulations in force, the obligated right to a hearing may be deprived at all, which is contrary to the constitutional standard. The amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure did not change this state of affairs – the changes were mainly made to expedite the proceedings. The above solution is a flawed solution and requires further intervention of the legislator. However, the article attempts to discuss the method of defense that is obligated in the current legal state which may be a hint for trial attorneys.

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