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Palestra 10-2022

Retail outlet in a facility operating in the field of culture, sport, education, tourism or leisure. Interpretation of the exception to the prohibition of retail trade on Sundays and public holidays

The authors analyse Article 6(1)(10) of the Act on Restrictions of Retail Trade on Sundays, Public Holidays and Certain Other Days, in the light of linguistic, systemic and functional interpretation of the provisions. The rules of interpretation of criminal law provisions are also taken into account. The results are as follows: firstly, the retail activity carried out on the premises of a retail outlet has to be functionally subordinate to the facility in the sense that the purpose of operating the retail outlet is to increase the utility and attractiveness of the facility. Here the facility remains the main and superordinate entity, while the retail activity is incidental, its scale marginal. Secondly, in terms of space, the retail outlet is to be located on the facility’s premises. These two requirements must be met jointly for the entrepreneur to legally benefit from the exemption under Article 6(1)(10) of the Act. Failure to meet even one of the requirements in any individual case leads to the conclusion that retail activity on Sundays and public holidays is illegal and can be considered a petty criminal offence under Art. 10(1) of the Act or an offence under Art. 218a(1) of the Criminal Code.

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